Looking Back on a Remarkable 2017

Life without reflection is just existence, and as such I felt a post like this was necessary. 2017, like most other years, was filled with high highs and low lows, and that's all part of it. A year goes by in a flash, yet, when you look back upon it, it seems like it took forever. I'll cherish what I learned and experienced in 2017 for a long time to come.

A Delhi Essay: "The Best Tuk-Tuk Ride of Your Life"

This is a "Delhi essay," and even an "essay on India" in some sense of the word. It's not necessarily about the best places to visit in Delhi, the historical places in Delhi, or your 10 ten places in Delhi. It's about what its like to visit Delhi, India for the first time and how your assumptions can be both shattered and validated.