A Local Travel Writer's Guide to Toronto

A Local Travel Writer's Guide to Toronto

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A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto tells you everything you need to know about Toronto in 100 pages. It’s the preeminent Toronto trip planner to use if you’re interested in doing some Toronto sightseeing based on a local’s advice, and not from a huge company. We cover restaurants, cafes, nightlife, events, insider tips and so much more.

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A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto is all about empowering people visiting Toronto to get the most out of their trip. It’s the ultimate Toronto trip planner because the format could not be easier to use.

I was born here, and have spent much of my life here, so I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about my hometown, and that’s why I’m comfortable letting you know that this truly is the ultimately Toronto trip planner. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to get this done, but, now that it’s finished, I’m really excited to share this product with you, and I believe it really provides great value.

The book includes the following:

  • The top restaurant recommendations in Toronto

  • The top cafes and coffee shops in Toronto

  • The best bars and pubs in Toronto

  • Toronto dates and events to take note of

  • Toronto tips from a local

  • The top 50 experiences in Toronto, a countdown from #50-1

  • Useful, related Toronto content

  • 100 pages of personal advice to get the most out of your visit to Toronto!

It’s a book that enables you to do a Toronto city tour your way on your own terms, and makes planning a trip to Toronto an absolute breeze. As far as books on Toronto are concerned, you’re not going to find another book like this anywhere, and I can only hope this is useful when you visit Toronto or in planning your visit to Toronto.

Another kind reminder that all prices are in USD.

Thanks so much,

Christopher Mitchell aka travelingmitch