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The Best Beaches on the Costa Brava!

The Best Beaches on the Costa Brava!

The beauty of the Costa Brava is that everyone has a different opinion about best beaches on the Costa Brava, and they're all a little bit right. There's just no shortage of remarkable beaches on the Costa Brava, and the region represents this perfect middle ground between natural beauty and development. That is to say, the views are out of this world, but so are the hotels. 

It's safe to say that I've done my due diligence when it comes to Spain, most recently spending give or take five weeks there a little less than a year ago. Spain is downright magical, and it seems that I'm always yearning for my next trip there.

I'm also, as you know, all about empowering my readers, so I figure if I can't find my way onto the Costa Brava right now, perhaps you can, and I ought to share what I know about the region to help you have the best trip possible. Sharing is caring, right? (Sometimes my background in education comes back to haunt my writing, apologies. Unfortunately, with this publication, If you want the knowledge, you've got to accept the corny phraseology). 

NOTE: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means, simply, that I may get commissions from some of my recommendations. That being said, my opinions are fully my own.

Where is the Costa Brava, Anyhow? 

Cadaqués, Spain on the Costa Brava is not a bad place to rest those weary legs.

Cadaqués, Spain on the Costa Brava is not a bad place to rest those weary legs.

Before we talk about the best beaches on the Costa Brava, we ought to talk about what the Costa Brava actually is, as well as where it is. 

The Costa Brava is a little stretch of paradise (not shockingly on the coast), that stretches roughly from 50 or so kilometres northeast of Barcelona all the way to the French border. Costa Brava roughly translates to “wild coast” and it is characterized by picturesque rocky cliffs, charming fishing villages, and stunning beaches.

Essentially, about 70 years ago the Spanish Government woke up to what they really had on their hands with the Costa Brava, and they decided it was development time. It was branded as the ideal holiday location for those living in the surrounding countries at first, but has since gained worldwide acclaim. 

It's safe to say their plan worked in spades, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the Costa Brava is one of the top places to enjoy a holiday in Europe, especially a luxury holiday in Europe. 

With the Costa Brava, you've got some top-notch amenities, but also brilliant nature and beaches galore, which is why I’m writing this post - to help you find the best beaches in Costa Brava.

In my humble opinion, it's the sheer breadth of beaches that make it so lovely. I'm not necessarily a "beach guy," but if you can pair a beach with a good view, my photographer senses start tingling. Most beaches, as it were, are connected to lovely towns, or resorts, so there is really something for everyone. You can find the best beaches on the Costa Brava on your own terms. Basically, the best beaches of northern Spain are right at your fingertips. 

Costa Brava is great, but if it isn’t your cup of tea you can check out, “things to do in Estepona, Spain.” Also, if you’re intrigued by the best beaches on the Costa Brava, don’t forget about the best beaches in Costa del Sol!

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The Best Beaches on the Costa Brava

For the same reason you've come to this article, you're going to Costa Brava - for the beaches, so let's get to work. Opinions vary wildly about the best beaches on the Costa Brava, but, here's what I've got to say about the matter. 

However you want to look at it, a trip to Costa Brava is one of the best day trips from Barcelona!

Let’s dive into where you can find the best beaches in Costa Brava.

Platja de Tamariu

With Platja de Tamariu, you've got one of the best beaches in Costa Brava, and that's largely because it's both family friendly and picturesque. It's not a large beach that extends as far as the eye can see, complete with a multitude of tourists pouring out of Costa Brava villas. No, it's horseshoe shaped, relatively private, but still has restaurants and shops galore. It's a solid bet, and Tamariu is a charming resort town. 


Platja de Treumal 

What makes this beach so alluring is that it isn't all that far from the town of Blanes (in fact, less than 5 minutes), but it feels world's away from the stress of your everyday life. What makes Platja de Treumal one of the best beaches in northern Spain is that it checks all the boxes for a paradise beach. Platja de Treumal has postcard blues for days. 

Just think. This Costa Brava beach isn't all that far from bustling Barcelona!

Just think. This Costa Brava beach isn't all that far from bustling Barcelona!

Platja de Castell 

You might gather that, at this beach, you won't be far from the Costa Brava's historic town of Castell. In fact, it's not all that many metres from town to beach, and this one is an absolute beauty. What people are constantly wowed by with Platja de Castell (and what makes it one of the best beaches on the Costa Brava) is the sand, which is soft as warm butter. Its shallow swim area also makes it worth the stop. This beach lives up to the hype, period. 


Platja del Canadell 

The sand might be a bit coarser, but my oh my is Platja del Canadell ever picturesque. On the beach you've also got kayaks for rent and a sailing school. It's not far from Calella de Palafrugell (in fact, it's just a short walk), and what's unique about Platja del Canadell (and what makes it one of the best beaches on the Costa Brava) is the striking array of pine trees that just tend to spruce things up a bit (tree jokes, for the win). 

On the Costa Brava, it's beach life or no life.

On the Costa Brava, it's beach life or no life.

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Platja de Sant Pol 

This is probably the beach to take kids to, as there is a children's play area, as well as a kid's club at Platja de Sant Pol. You've also got all the amenities you could need nearby including rentals and cabins galore. You've got that crystal clear blue that you're looking for, and its shallow waters make it very appealing to swimmers and bathers alike. 


Platja Fonda 

This is one of the best beaches on the Costa Brava, largely because many people don't know about it. It's a secluded cove not far from Aiguablava, and it's perfect for people who aren't keen to be on crowded beaches which only have shallow waters to offer. The water is just as pretty, but it's much deeper, and strong swimmers will love it here. 

The beaches of Costa Brava are busy in the summer for a good reason.

The beaches of Costa Brava are busy in the summer for a good reason.

Platja Cala Senyor Ramón

This secluded beach is a hidden gem for those who enjoy a quieter vibe. It is a popular spot with nudists and couples. It isn’t as easy to get to as some other beaches in Costa Brava, but the upside is that it is seldom overcrowded even in summer. Cala Senyor Ramón is about 11km from the town of Santa Cristina d'Aro.


Platja Cala Aiguablava

Aiguablava is a great beach for families in Costa Brava. Its fine sand and shallow, clear waters are suitable for the whole family, and its convenient location ensures that restaurants, shops, and other services are just steps away.

Overlooking a beach in Costa Brava, Spain

Platja d’es Codolar

A lovely little cove, this stunning beach is near the old town of Tossa de Mar. Es Codolar is a great place for a refreshing dip while sightseeing, or a leisurely laze in the sunshine for the day. There’s a snack bar if you get the munchies, or restaurants serving more substantial meals just up the hill from the beach. Bring snorkelling gear so that you can view the abundance of fish up close.


Platja de Llafranc

Popular with film stars and jet-setters throughout the 20th century, Llafrance is a charming resort town where you can easily while away a week. The splendid beach is perfect for a coastal hike, or the proverbial long walk on a beach.


Platja de Pals

Two miles of golden sand await you at Pals. Once the site of radio towers during the Cold War, Pals now boasts loads of seaside activities. It can be a terrific beach for surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding in Costa Brava if the winds are blowing. Pals has loads of room for beach volleyball and any other game you fancy.

Secluded Costa Brava beach

Costa Brava Accommodation

There are is no shortage of property on the Costa Brava which services tourists, but it's important to find the right one for you. Frankly, deciding where to stay in Costa Brava can be overwhelming. You've got Costa Brava villas, Costa Brava hotels, Costa Brava hostels, Costa Brava resorts, Costa Brava guesthouses, and everything in between. 


Costa Brava, however, is known for its superb luxury vacation rentals, as it's really a region that was developed to cater to Europe's elite. It's attainable for your average tourist, but there is also Costa Brava accommodation that is on another level. 

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What to Pack for the Costa Brava

What to pack for Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava Pocket Guide: These nifty pocket guides by Marco Polo are a life saver when you’re trying to figure out exactly where you are, and where you should be going. I almost always use apps and so forth to navigate, but this was really useful because I had a fair bit of information at my fingertips for the Costa Brava, and it definitely enhanced my experience.

An enormous beach bag: If you’ve got a rental car, this bad boy will be absolutely perfect. Although it fits a lot, it actually folds down pretty well, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too, too much room. It’s great for couples because you can fit both your towels, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks and everything in between. You’ll be Costa Brava ready with this guy.

A Spain Lonely Planet: When you find yourself on the Costa Brava living it up, you might all of a sudden decide that you need to extend your trip to Spain, and that’s where a Spain Lonely Planet guidebook is going to come in handy. I always like to have a Lonely Planet to allow myself that extra room for spontaneity. I mean, why not just throw it in your new beach bag, right?

A water bottle that will actually stay cold: Make no mistake, Costa Brava is hot, and you’re going to want to stay hydrated. But who wants to drink lukewarm water that’s been in the bottle for far too long. Problem solved with these guys, they stay cold longer than stays reasonable and they’re perfect for chasing beaches on the Costa Brava.

A large microfibre towel: A microfibre towel like this is a lifesaver on the Costa Brava or any beach trip, and that’s because they dry very quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to put a still wet towel in your luggage, but you really won’t have to worry about that with these towels. They’re great, seriously.

If you've got any more info to add, let me know in the comments, as I'd be happy to expand my list of the best beaches on the Costa Brava if you share your personal recommendations. I’d love to know if you were able to visit what I consider to be the best beaches in Costa Brava. As always, I appreciate you stopping by, and you can always reach out to via my "work with me" page. Until next time, my friends. 


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