Hey, I'm Bri Mitchell! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a Toronto native, but I’ve spent several years of my life living in Seoul, South Korea and Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve always been curious at heart and inquisitive in nature, and travelling is one thing that always keeps my interest in learning more about others and our world satiated.

I’ve been travelling more or less dedicatedly since 2010, and I’ve found a passion for documenting my stories through social media, the written word and photography ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to write for several publications throughout the years, and it’s provided me with a great platform to keep exploring, asking questions and share thoughts and ideas. I’ve visited in over 50 countries at this point in time, and it’s my goal to continue exploring as long as luck will see that I’m able to.

Throughout my travels, there’s a more than probable chance you’ve heard of my partner Chris, aka travelingmitch. Chris has been my longtime confidant in work, life and travel, and without his positivity and encouragement, I’m not sure if I would have said “yes” to as many of life’s wonderful opportunities as I have. The exception, of course, being when I said “yes” to marrying him in 2018. I’m grateful to be on this journey through life with him by my side, keeping a smile on my face and making me feel so lucky each day we’re together or apart.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. Feel free to leave a comment on the site if you like what you see, and feel free to check out what I’m up to lately on social media (@mstravelingmitch).

Bri Mitchell's Portfolio 

Bri Mitchell has visited over 50 countries and nearly 800 cities and regions, so she has a lot of experiences and insights to write about along with a significant amount of content. Below is a selected list of her work in travel and lifestyle writing and inside the travel industry. Bri also does a significant amount of work alongside Chris for the travelingmitch brand. To see extended coverage of her partnered campaigns for the brand, please be sure to check out her story highlights on Instagram @mstravelingmitch!

Selected Freelance Writing

  1. “Quaint, Unique and Downright Delicious: A Guide to Cafes Across York, Durham & Headwaters” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  2. “Soaring Through the Forest in Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  3. “The Gathering Place for Art, Culture and Nature” in The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Magazine for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  4. “Creating Time” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  5. “Taking to the Wilderness in Style” in The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Magazine for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  6. “The Trifecta of Summer: Breweries, Patios and Brews” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  7. “‘Action!’: Setting the Stage for Schitt’s Creek and Gilmore Girls in YDH” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  8. “It Left a Mark on My Heart: Lombok, Indonesia” on the Travelingmitch Blog

In the Media

Chris and I appearing in the Saturday edition of the Globe & Mail for our work with Ontario Travel, York Durham Headwaters, and Central Counties Tourism in December of 2018.

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On the cover of the “Ultimate Winter Road Trip” magazine in association with Ontario Travel, York Durham Headwaters, and Central Counties Tourism in January 2019.


Please use the contact page at the bottom to reach out to Bri for opportunities, or simply send an email to with your proposal. You can also head directly to the Work With Me page for your interest in working with Chris and Bri together. Thanks for checking out mstravelingmitch!