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Christopher James Mitchell's Portfolio 

Christopher Mitchell has established a large body of work around the world since he began his freelancing career in 2012. Since then, he's been busy publishing work in magazines, on online publications, guest posting on websites, appearing on radio and selective podcasts as well as being involved with video productions. Furthermore, he's had his own exhibits for his travel photography. 

He's visited over 75 countries, and nearly 1000 cities, which has led to him gathering enormous amounts of content. He's been published in Canada, the United States, South Korea, Turkey and for a number of magazines and publications with international distribution. Below, you'll find selective examples of the Christopher's involvement in travel media at large. 

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Talking about Istanbul on an episode of "Our City with Kirk Lapointe" on Roundhouse Radio

Christopher's Appearance on the Expats Podcast with Adam Rozenhart

Video ( and Other Interviews)  

In this video, Christopher hosts the inaugural episode of  Yabangee TV,  heading to one of Istanbul's most cozy and unique bars. 

This video exemplifies my love for the interview form, something I feel is one of my foremost strengths. Here are other examples of me interviewing: 

  1. An Interview with Nomadic Matt: In Depth with One of the World's Top Travel Bloggers
  2. An Interview with Scott Wilson of "Departures" and "Descending"
  3. An Interview with Gary Arndt: I Catch Up with the Godfather of Travel
  4. An Interview with Ellis Emmett on his New Show, "Over the Horizon"
  5. Sitting Down with Andrej Kostresevic, a Founder of "Expack"
  6. A Need for a "Village Uncommon": An Interview with Turkey's Newest Online Artisanal Shop

Guest Posts

  1. "Teaching Abroad and Tour Guiding to Fund Travel to 75 Countries" for Teaching Travelling 
  2. "An Island to Escape the Tourist Crowds" on One World 365
  3. "Tales of Teaching and Travelling in Korea" for Global Goose 
  4. "Seaside Sanctuaries in County Antrim, Northern Ireland" for My Destination


  1. "The Ultimate Guide To Iceland In Winter 2018" by Midgard Base Camp 

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