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Christopher James Mitchell's Portfolio 

Christopher Mitchell has established a large body of work around the world since he began his freelancing career in 2012. Since then, he's been busy publishing work in magazines, on online publications, guest posting on websites, appearing on radio and selective podcasts as well as being involved with video productions. Furthermore, he's had his own exhibits for his travel photography. 

He's visited over 75 countries, and nearly 1000 cities, which has led to him gathering enormous amounts of content. He's been published in Canada, the United States, South Korea, Turkey and for a number of magazines and publications with international distribution. Below, you'll find selective examples of the Christopher's involvement in travel media at large. 

Please use the contact page at the bottom to reach out to Christopher for opportunities, or simply send an email to with your proposal. You can also head directly to the Work With Me page. 

Selected Freelance Writing

  1. "10 Things I've Learned from Travelling to 75 Countries" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  2. “Have it Your Way in Chiang Mai, Thailand” for Ensemble Magazine

  3. “Why Orchha is an Underrated Addition to Any India Itinerary” in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  4. “Let Your Inner Wrangler Out: Rawhide Adventures” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  5. "Have Wanderlust? Here's Why You Should Visit Cappadocia Once in Your Lifetime" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  6. "Unique Wedding Ideas in Ontario" in 400 Eleven (Ontario Travel North of Toronto)

  7. “5 Must-Dos in Kathmandu, Nepal’s Captivating Capital” in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  8. “A True Field to Fork Experience: Durham College W. Galen Weston Centre for Food” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  9. "5 Reasons Tours are a Great Way to Discover a City" for Urban Adventures

  10. "Why I Can't Wait to Get Back to the Finger Lakes" for TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange)

  11. “The Magic of Connecting Over Indian Cuisine” in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  12. "5 Tips for Starting a Blog (That Makes Money)" in Great Escape Publishing

  13. “Why to Visit Battambang, Cambodia’s Most Underrated City” in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  14. “A Site of Discovery: The Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory” for York Durham Headwaters Tourism

  15. “Hotel Booking 2.0 with a Touch of Robin Hood” on TRVL

  16. "Learning Toronto's History is Better with Beer" in Urban Adventures

  17. "Norwegian Foods & Drinks You Must Try While Studying Abroad" in Go Overseas

  18. "Language Learning in the Modern Age" in Transitions Abroad

  19. "What It's Like Visiting the Taj Mahal (and Why It's Worth the Hype)" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  20. "Visiting Angkor Wat? Here's Everything You Need to Know" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  21. "5 Things to Think About when Booking a Summer Campsite" for Northeastern Ontario

  22. "5 Reasons to Visit Algoma This Summer" in Algoma Country

  23. "The Best Literature Study Abroad Programs" in Go Overseas

  24. "The Magic of Moving Out of your Comfort Zone on a Trip to India" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  25. "What to Do in Istanbul: From Must-Dos to Lesser Known Gems" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  26. "Never Underestimate the Dangers of a Road Trip Across Georgia" in Outpost Magazine

  27. "Finding My Canada" for Northeastern Ontario

  28. "Best Up and Coming Summer Destinations in Europe" in Days to Come by Tourradar

  29. "Finding Your Voice" in the Travel Writer's Exchange

  30. "How to Study Abroad as a Literature Major" in Go Overseas

  31. "5 Reasons to Visit Japan’s Chubu Region" in Go Backpacking

  32. "The Toyokawa Inari Shrine: A Treasure of Japan" in Go Backpacking

  33. "8 Must Try Food and Drinks While Studying Abroad in Ireland" in Go Overseas

  34. "Things to Do in Nagoya: Japan’s Incredible Nagoya Castle" in Go Backpacking

  35. "Autumn in Japan: The Colorful Town of Asuke" in Go Backpacking

  36. "Turkish Delight: Six Delicious Dishes to Try in Turkey" in The Journal by Intrepid Travel

  37. "The Magic of Zanzibar" in Horizon Travel & Lifestyle

  38. "The Best Food in the Chubu Region" in Go Backpacking

  39. "Street Market Smarts: Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar)" for Yabangee

  40. "Volunteering in Istanbul" in The Guide Istanbul

  41. "10 Podcasts to Help You Beat the Istanbul Commute" for Yabangee

  42. "A Triple Crown of Classic Elegance" in Dreamscapes Magazine

  43. "10 Must-Have Apps for Living in Istanbul" for Yabangee

  44. "Sit Down Laughing, Stand Up Seoul" in 10 Magazine

  45. "Review: Iron & Wine @ Babylon Bomonti" for Yabangee

  46. "My Week in Prague" in Outpost Magazine

  47. "The Away Days Return Home @ Salon IKSV" for Yabangee

  48. "What It’s Really Like Studying Abroad in Norway" in Grassroute Adventures

  49. "Turkey at the Expo Milano 2015: Food, Hospitality, Design" for Yabangee

Radio/Podcast Appearances

Talking about Istanbul on an episode of "Our City with Kirk Lapointe" on Roundhouse Radio

Christopher's Appearance on the Expats Podcast with Adam Rozenhart

Video ( and Other Interviews)  

In this video, Christopher hosts the inaugural episode of  Yabangee TV,  heading to one of Istanbul's most cozy and unique bars. 


Seminars and Workshops

I lead seminars for leading brands on social media, content creation and strategy for growth in the modern age.

 I led this seminar on October 11th, 2018 and “Social Media Today,” which featured a comprehensive overview of modern trends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

I led this seminar on October 11th, 2018 and “Social Media Today,” which featured a comprehensive overview of modern trends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like.


Photography Exhibitions 

An exhibition showcasing photography from across 9 countries at The Mad Bean in Toronto, Canada.


Showcasing my Istanbul photography at Atölye in the Bomonti neighbourhood of Istanbul. 

travelingmitch photography

My Podcast, Rick Steves Over Brunch


Rick Steves Over Brunch is a podcast where Stephanie Craig (from History Fangirl) and I break down episodes of the classic travel TV show, Rick Steve’s Europe. The show officially launched on April 30, 2018, and we drop new episodes drop every other Sunday (which, theoretically, is right around brunch time.)

Head here if you'd like to know more! or, feel free to just go head and subscribe!

Guest Posts

  1. "Teaching Abroad and Tour Guiding to Fund Travel to 75 Countries" for Teaching Travelling

  2. "An Island to Escape the Tourist Crowds" on One World 365

  3. "Tales of Teaching and Travelling in Korea" for Global Goose

  4. "Seaside Sanctuaries in County Antrim, Northern Ireland" for My Destination


  1. “The Top 28 Places to Visit in Europe for First Timers: Discovering the Old Continent” in Roman Roams

  2. “Planning a Trip to Iceland” in To Some Place New

  3. “Unusual holiday destinations for Christmas in the USA” in Reading The Book

  4. “What Specific Souvenir Do You Collect While Travelling” in Birgehls

  5. “35 Travel Bloggers Divulge the Best Asian Cities to Visit” on Tiqy

  6. “Where to Go in Greece: 27 Top Greece Vacation Destinations” in Sofia Adventures

  7. “The Ultimate Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the World” in Love, Lust or Bust

  8. "Photography Part 1: These Tips Will Make You a Better Cityscape Photographer" by Flight Compensation

  9. "The Ultimate Guide To Iceland In Winter 2018" by Midgard Base Camp

  10. "18 Bucket List Ideas from World- Class Travelers" by The Petite Adventurer

  11. "2018 Bucket List" by Travel on the Brain

  12. "Travel Bloggers Share Their Favourite Hike of 2017" by Nate Meets World

  13. "55 of the Very Best Places to Visit in Spain" by Wandertooth

  14. "Things to do in Canada" by The World Pursuit

  15. "The Best Balkan Food you Need to Try" by Sofia Adventures

  16. "30 of the Most Beautiful Cities in France" in Untold Morsels

  17. "Rooms with a View" in Travel, Eat, Enjoy, Repeat

Being Interviewed 

  1. “The biggest mistakes you’re making on social media, plus three must-try apps” in Travelweek

  2. “Catching up with Christopher Mitchell” in Travel Writing 2.0

  3. "19 Students Shared How They Packed and Prepared for Studying Abroad" in Mighty Goods

  4. "Interview with Christopher: Expat Life in Turkey" in Wellington World Travel

  5. "Teaching Abroad and Tour Guiding to Fund Travel to 75 Countries" on Teaching Traveling

  6. "Travel Blogger: travelingmitch" on Wise Traveler

  7. "What It’s Really Like Studying Abroad in Norway" in Grassroutes Adventures

  8. “Art & Life with Christopher Mitchell” in Voyage MIA

More in the Media

Bri and I appearing in the Saturday edition of the Globe & Mail for our work with Ontario Travel, York Durham Headwaters, and Central Counties Tourism.

 Christopher Mitchell aka travelingmitch

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