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My New Toronto Ebook is Officially For Sale!

My New Toronto Ebook is Officially For Sale!

I’ve been waiting to write this post announcing that A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto has officially hit the market for longer than you can imagine.

You see, my greatest blessing and curse in this life is that I’m a perfectionist.

Every time I thought I was finished this book, I’d find something else that I needed to add or touchup, or a combination of those two things. The process was both exhilarating and frustrating, but, suffice to say, I could not be happier to officially announce that my Toronto ebook is live!

My goal, in short, was to provide the ultimate Toronto trip planner, but in a bit of a different format. I believe that people want a new type of guidebook, one that’s more personal, and directly from the heart. I wanted a guide book where it felt like I’d offered you recommendations over a coffee or a beer, a book where I’d be offering the same advice to my readers as I would to friends who might be visiting.

I got email after email, and comment after comment, asking when I would release a Toronto ebook like this - asking when I would find the time to take all those tidbits of knowledge that I have about Toronto, and put it into a cohesive whole.

You talked, and I listened, and I’m proud to say that, after months and months (and months!) of work, we’re finally here!

And, newsflash, to celebrate the official release of A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto, I’ve put the book on sale for a cool $7.99 USD. Trust me, it’ll only be at that price for a very limited time.


So What Makes This Toronto Ebook Different? What Makes This The Ultimate Toronto Trip Planner?

Well, for starters, I grew up in Toronto, and I know this city.

I started mentally taking notes about what makes Toronto special well before I knew what a travel blogger (or even travel writer, for that matter) was. I put everything I know and understand about this city into this ebook, and the result is a 100 page ebook that I think sums up this city pretty darn well.

This isn’t your typical Toronto travel guide.

This Toronto ebook is the ultimate Toronto Trip Planner

I know that in today’s world, nobody has time to flip through 300 or so pages, trying to find a certain piece of information. That’s why A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto is quick-hitting and to the point. Not to mention, the table of contents is all linked to the different sections of the book, so you can find what you’re looking for fast.

What’s Included in this Guide to Toronto?

I feel like there’s never been a better time to visit Toronto, and there’s a buzz around the city that I’ve never experienced yet in my lifetime. In many ways, I feel like it was fate that I moved back, and I couldn’t be happier to be an ambassador for this diverse and growing city.

But, as I noted, I felt like I had to do more than just appreciate Toronto, I had to write a clear Toronto trip planner to help other people do the same. I didn’t see any books on Toronto that were accomplishing what I wanted to with A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto, and so here we are.

Here’s what you’ll find inside if you decide to click that “Add to Cart” button.

  • The Top Restaurant Recommendations including nearly 20 of my favourite restaurants in Toronto representing a variety of price ranges.

  • The Top Cafes and Coffee Shops in Toronto noting over 10 of the absolute gems in this city.

  • The Best Bars and Pubs in Toronto featuring almost 20 bars and pubs that I’ve spent years “researching in” just for you.

  • The Toronto Dates and Events to Take Note of, which covers all the major events in the city, their dates, and how to appreciate them. Almost 25 unique Toronto events and festivals are covered.

  • Toronto Tips from a Local, which is an in-depth set of tips that I feel you could not possibly find in the guidebooks from the bigger publishers.

  • An epic countdown of the Top Experiences in Toronto from #50-1, which adds a little fun to your trip planning process, and you can always reach out to my on social or via email to let me know if you think I got it right! This section alone is about 60 pages, and it’s filled with information that make sure you feel you got your money’s worth.

  • Plenty of pleasant sarcasm and corny jokes because I can’t help myself.

  • An unmatched knowledge and passion for my hometown of Toronto.

  • A price that is competitive, and likely less than a pint of your favourite beer, or a visit to Starbucks might cost you. And we’re currently ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Take the Toronto City Tour That You’ve Always Dreamed About

Now is the time, and, with this Toronto ebook, I’ve got you covered. You can also always hit me up on social media to get more tips if you like because I feel like my readers and customers are my family. I couldn’t do any of this without you, so thanks for the love and support.

And, most importantly, I hope you enjoy. You can always shoot me an email at chris@travelingmitch.com to let me know your thoughts, or find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

My idea is that this won’t be my last ebook, and far from it, but I believe that this book encapsulates in full the vision that I set out for when I began to conceive of what would make the ultimate Toronto trip planner.

I’ll keep this on sale for a limited time at $7.99, but please note that the price will return to regular pricing shortly, so act now if you’re interested.

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